Mursion Magic - Troubleshooting

Quickly resolve common issues with Mursion Magic Simulations

Solutions to Some Common Problems


Resolving Connectivity Errors

If you get this pop-up. Click Rejoin Simulation

If you get this pop-up, wait for the Sim Specialist to connect

If you find yourself waiting more than five minutes after the start of your simulation, follow these steps: 

Note that you may have to try these steps a few times before the issue is resolved. 

  1. Refresh your browser. The refresh button is usually located to the left of the address bar.

  2. Click Join Simulation

If you are still experiencing issues after refreshing, you may need to contact your IT team to review your domain whitelisting permissions or contact

Resolving Audio Issues

Browser Permissions

The first time you join a Mursion Magic simulation, your browser may ask you to give Camera and Microphone permissions.

  1. This popup will appear in the upper left corner of your browser. Click Allow.

    Note: If you do not click allow, you will not be able to join the simulation. 
    1. mic permissions

If you clicked Deny, you will need to re-allow access by following the steps provided by your particular browser: 

Check your PC's default audio settings

Some users are experiencing an issue where their audio stops working after entering a Mursion Magic (browser-based) simulation. If you enter a Mursion Magic simulation and can see the Sim Specialist, but not hear the Sim Specialist, you may need to update your default audio settings to match your preferred audio output.

Note: You will need to exit the Simulation, change your default audio settings using the process below, and then rejoin the simulation for the changes to take affect.

Updating Windows 10

  1. In the Windows search bar, type Control Panel and click Control Panel

  2. Click Hardware and Sound
  3. Click Sound

  4. Click the device you want to be the default
  5. Click Set Default

MacOS 12.0.1

Click here for iPad/iPhone instructions

  1. Click Ctrl+Spacebar to open spotlight search
  2. Type System Preferences and Enter
  3. Click Sound

  4. Select your preferred speaker output