Rescheduling a Simulation

Learn how to reschedule your simulation

Understanding Rescheduling

We've added rescheduling functionality on the session card for clients who enable the rescheduling functionality. If your company has not enabled rescheduling, you will not see the option to reschedule in your UI. Speak with your program manager for help rescheduling. 

If your company has enabled rescheduling, you'll see the option to reschedule in the following places. 

Rescheduling Before your Simulation

  1. Go to the Mursion Portal
  2. Log in and click Calendar
  3. Select the simulation you'd like to reschedule
  4. In the session card, click Reschedule
  5. Enter a date using the calendar, then select a time that would work better for you and click Submit
    1. (Note: this screen may look slightly different depending on your company's portal setup, but the process is the same. Pick an available day and time for your Simulation and click Submit)
  6. You'll get this confirmation. Click Got it! to complete the process.
  7. You'll also get an email notification like this one: 

Rescheduling After your Simulation

If you miss a simulation that has rescheduling enabled, you'll receive an email with a Reschedule button. This button will take you to the session card for this simulation (Step 4 of the above process).