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  2. Before your Simulation

What to do before your simulation begins

A few moments of prep can make a big difference

Mursion Simulations rely on online meeting software. We've all had good experiences with online meetings and not-so-good experiences with online meetings. We recommend taking a few minutes before your simulation begins to ensure everything is working correctly. This way, you can focus during the simulation rather than fighting with audio settings while you're trying to learn. 

Check your Audio and Video Settings

Review our code of conduct

Code of Conduct Page - We ask that all learners review the code of conduct. It helps everyone learn in a safe environment and sets the table for what you can expect in a Mursion simulation.

Review your Scenario details

Review Scenario Details - Review the scenario details prior to your simulation so that you have a clear understanding of what you'll be practicing and the best ways to achieve the goal of the scenario.

Download any Scenario Materials

Download Session Materials - Sometimes, scenarios will have additional content to review (PDFs or other documentation) that create a clearer picture of the scenario and any expectations for the session.