Mursion Simulation Overview and Code of Conduct

Mursion Simulation Overview
Every Mursion simulation involves a single live Simulation Specialist who provides the spoken dialogue for up to five virtual avatars in a learning session.

Each avatar is designed with the unique back story and behavioral profile of a fictional character within the context established for the simulation (e.g., office, school, or factory). Mursion avatars are not intended to represent the entirety of any particular culture, race, sexual orientation, or gender identity. The intention is to facilitate a learning outcome.

The Simulation Specialist’s job is to present conversational challenges that enable learners to practice the skills defined in the simulation scenario. Simulation Specialists do not enact stereotypes or attempt to represent the lived experience of any particular culture, race, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Mursion Simulation Specialists are a diverse group of talented professionals from around the globe. To ensure quality and consistency for all learners, Simulation Specialists are trained and certified in simulation delivery and the scenarios they deliver. 

Mursion Code of Conduct
At Mursion we recognize the importance of bringing a sense of safety, support, and encouragement to the work that we do. In order to provide the best experience to our clients, and to build the right environment for our employees, we strive daily to cultivate empathy, lead with curiosity, and to do our very best to both raise the bar in the way we treat each other and to have the courage to be human during the process. 

Creating a safe space where people can bravely practice potentially stressful, nuanced, and complex conversations requires commitment from all participants to engage with each other in a healthy and supportive way. To ensure that both your Learners and Mursion Simulation Specialists can participate confidently in each session, we ask individuals in both groups to commit to a basic code of conduct. 

Simulation Specialist Code of Conduct

As a Mursion Simulation Specialist, I agree to the following Code of Conduct:

  • Privacy: I will maintain Learner privacy and I will not discuss the individual details of the simulation or the learner response with anyone within or outside Mursion, unless there is a safety concern for a learner or a Simulation Specialist. 
  • Safety: I will promote an environment of psychological safety and empathy for the Learner, even during conversations in which the scenario calls for difficult or challenging dialogue. I will encourage the Learner to practice different strategies and approaches without judgment. I will provide encouragement for Learner progress.
  • Opportunity: I will draw upon my training and resources to execute my scenario with an authentic and deliberate manner and to provide every learner with an equitable opportunity to practice the skills and strategies that have been identified for the scenario.

Learner Code of Conduct

As a Learner representing my organization, I recognize that there is a human Simulation Specialist behind the avatar(s) with whom I am interacting. I agree to the following Code of Conduct: 

  • Respect: I will treat the Simulation Specialist with respect and will approach the session with curiosity and openness. I will use respectful language throughout my interactions within the session.
  • Professionalism: I will conduct myself in a professional manner at all times and will abide by my organization’s guidelines regarding expected employee conduct.  
  • Safety: I will promote an environment of psychological safety for the Simulation Specialist. I will not use demeaning, insulting, or threatening language during the session.

By ensuring a mutually beneficial code of conduct for both the Simulation Specialist and the Learner, Mursion sessions can provide the best opportunity for skill practice, lasting behavioral change, and personal growth. Should either the Learner or the Simulation Specialist feel that the Code of Conduct is not being followed, both parties have the right to end the session. 

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