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Mursion Magic - Audio and Video

You can test and change your audio and video preferences in the settings panel.


On your first Magic connection, you may receive a pop-up to Allow or Deny connectivity to your Microphone and Camera.
 mic permissions

Please click allow; if you clicked Deny, review the troubleshooting page

Mursion Magic - Audio and Video Settings

  1. In the Settings Tab (the gear icon), check your microphone and speakers, the default will match your system's settings.
    1. Use the dropdowns to select a different microphone and speakers if necessary.
    2. Before joining the simulation, please click Test on the Mic Test and the Speaker test to confirm they're working properly.

  2. Below Join Session, you can toggle your audio and video settings. Toggling the microphone icon will mute and unmute your microphone, toggling the camera icon will activate and deactivate your camera. 
  3. Your browser may ask you to give Camera and Microphone permissions. Always give permission, otherwise, you will not be able to join the simulation. More on browser permissions here. 

General Audio and Video Tips

  • Generally it's a good idea to use a wired headset. Bluetooth headsets are ok in a pinch, but if you have a wired set, we recommend it for the best experience. 
  • Check your audio and video settings before you join a simulation. It will save time and it's always good to be focused on the simulation itself, rather than fiddling with settings. 
  • Make sure you check your volume - it's easy to forget after focusing on the microphone and camera. 

Browser Permissions

The first time you join a Mursion Magic simulation, your browser may ask you to give Camera and Microphone permissions.


    Enabling Microphone and Camera by System

    If you’re still having trouble using your microphone or camera, it might be disabled by your system. Follow these links to learn more about how to enable your microphone and camera.