Reviewing Scenario Details

Before a session, it's always a good idea to review the scenario details.

  1. On your Dashboard, you can click Schedule if you haven't yet scheduled the scenario, or View if you have
  2. During the scheduling flow, you'll see the scenario details at the top of the page. You can also click Session Details to learn more.
  3. If you click View in the dashboard, you'll be taken to the scenario page, where you can learn more about the scenario you're scheduled to take. 

The scenario page has details about your upcoming simulation

  1. Description: Provides generic info about the session, including the delivery mode and how long the session is. 
  2. Scenario Details: Provides a look at what you'll be learning and the scenario you'll experience
  3. Outcome: The stated goal of the simulation, is what you'll be practicing in the scenario
  4. Strategies: These are ways in which to meet the desired outcome