April 2022 - Portal 2.9 Release

Happy Spring! We're delighted to share some exciting improvements to make your Mursion experience even more impactful. We have received some great feedback from many of you, and we are glad to share these updates to help you and all the learners in our system.   

Here’s what is coming in April: 

  • Improved Learner Import and Team Management - We've simplified learner and team management functions so that you can import users quickly and assign or reassign learner team memberships in bulk. You can learn more about the bulk user import here and the bulk user assignment here

  • Increased Transparency - Before their first session, all learners will receive an overview of Mursion and have a chance to review the Mursion Code of Conduct. This way, everyone can feel safe practicing new skills in a secure environment with a clear and transparent outline of the experience and expectations. 

  • One-Click Scheduling Invitations - We've added a few ways to send gentle reminders to learners who have not yet scheduled a session. Our new “Invite to Schedule” feature on the Project and Scenario pages sends learners who have not yet scheduled a reminder email prompting them to schedule. This will help increase your learner engagement! 
  • Enhanced Reporting - We've made some updates to the Dashboard reports that give you more data about individual sessions, making it easier to review learner and session data. You can leverage this to share data across your organization!

We've released a few other features behind the scenes for an even richer user experience; your Client Success Manager will contact you directly if they believe it will improve your experience. Again, we thank you for your feedback and input and hope you enjoy all these great improvements!   

As always, if you need anything, please reach out to your Mursion representative, and we’ll see you next update!