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Tech Implementation - Mursion Magic

What your learners need to connect to Mursion Magic simulations.

This article is only for Mursion Magic simulations. If your company is going to use Zoom, Google Meet, or Mursion's software (ML3) you should read this article instead

Supported Browsers

Please see our list of supported browsers here

Learner Tech Checklist 

  • Learners can review the Joining a Mursion Magic Simulation article. 
  • Confirm that all learners have access to a desktop or laptop computer with a stable internet connection.  At this time mobile devices are not supported in Mursion Magic. For the best experience, you'll need to use a desktop or laptop. 
  • Confirm that all learners are able to authorize the use of their webcam and microphone.
    • Note: Webcams and microphones cannot be in use by other applications during simulations. Virtual cameras such as Snap Camera are not supported and may need to be uninstalled.
  • Generally speaking, we want to test the following protocols: Both TCP and UDP for audio/video communications. Please check the various types of network configurations for your employees before they attempt to connect to Mursion simulations. Some things to consider:
    • Are learners joining your network from one centralized location like an office? 
    • Are centralized learners in multiple cohorts?
      • If so, do the cohorts have different firewall configurations?
    • Are learners joining from multiple locations with different firewall configurations?
    • Are Learners joining your network via a VPN?
      • If so, does the VPN have a different firewall configuration than non-VPN learners?

Test Mursion Magic: You can use our Magic Test site to confirm that your browser will work for a Mursion Magic simulation. 

System-Level Checklist 

Network and Firewall Settings

Mursion requires the following items to be allowed to ensure learners can connect to Mursion Magic sessions.
UDP and TCP 
UDP and TCP connections to the following TURN and STUN servers should be allowed:
    • turn-west-001.mursion.com 
    • turn-west-002.mursion.com 
    • stun:turn-west-001.mursion.com
    • stun:turn-west-002.mursion.com
    • turns:turn-west-002.mursion.com:443
    • turn:turn-west-002.mursion.com:443?transport=tcp
    • turn:turn-west-002.mursion.com:3478
    • turn:turn-west-001.mursion.com?transport=tcp
    • turn:turn-west-002.mursion.com?transport=tcp


WebSocket connections to the following URIs should be allowed:
    • wss://portal.mursion.com/ws
    • wss://portal.mursion.com/session-service/ws/socket.io/
    • wss://magictest-signaling.mursion.com/
    • wss://*.tokbox.com


HTTPS connections to URLs of the following domains should be allowed:

Email Server

  • Ensure that "no-reply@mursion.com" is allowed by your email server. 
  • Ensure links from the following domains are allowed by your email server:
    • amazonaws.com
    • awstrack.me
    • mursion.com

Security Checklist

If your IT team needs to review our security documentation before a Mursion program launch. These documents may be helpful: