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Tech Implementation - Mursion Software Checklist

Review this checklist to ensure Mursion Software will work in your organization


This page is for Mursion Software, which includes simulations over Zoom, Google Meet, and our own downloadable software known as ML3.

If you're delivering simulations via Mursion Magic, our web-based Simulation Environment, you should review our page dedicated to Magic Tech Implementations. 

Review the Implementation Guide

Make sure to review the Implementation Guide prior to starting a project with Mursion. It's important that you review this document with your IT team to ensure your learners can connect to Mursion Services.

Click here for the Implementation Guide

System-Level Checklist 

  • Update your VPN or Proxy Server - If your company uses a VPN or Proxy Server, confirm that the VPN or Proxy Server can be amended to allow Mursion software access to the following public IP addresses (including access to all associated subdomains and services):
  • Register your organization with the Mursion Portal - If your company wishes to use SSO for learner logins, your organization must be registered with the Mursion Portal. This will be handled by a Mursion Project Manager.
    • Mursion Supports SSO logins via the following API protocols: 
    • You will need to create a button on any page within your organizational web interface to start the SSO process. Link the button to the authentication request using our API and handle any follow-on actions from there. Please contact your Mursion Project Manager for more information. 
  • Confirm that your organization's devices meet the minimum requirements.
  • Ensure that "no-reply@mursion.com" is whitelisted in your email server.
  • Ensure that the "Mursion Inc." Code Signing Certificate is whitelisted.

Learner Tech Checklist 

  • Confirm that all learners have access to a desktop or laptop computer.
  • Confirm that all learners have internet access.
    • We recommend that learners are connected via ethernet to reduce latency and avoid possible disconnections due to poor wifi connections.
  • Confirm that all learners are authorized to download and run a .exe file from Mursion.com without IT intervention.
    • Mursion software also installs art content to a learner's local directory. This does not require admin credentials, but Mursion requires allowing each user to install the software to their computer.
    • If the software is installed by a user with admin privileges, please remember to move the Mursion files from the program folder to the C: drive to ensure that Sim Specialists have access to the software upon log-in.

  • Confirm that all learners are authorized to use both a webcam and a microphone while running Mursion software.
  • Confirm that all learners have access to a webcam with a minimum resolution of 640x480
    • Note that webcams (and headsets) cannot be in use by other applications during simulations.
    • Virtual cameras such as Snap Camera are not supported and may need to be uninstalled.
  • Inform all learners that they must log in to Mursion.com via the default browser on their device. Please read about the importance of setting a default browser here.
  • Inform all learners that Bluetooth headsets and Apple Airpods are not actively supported. We recommend using a USB headset. Read more about Speakers and Microphone settings here.