How do I install the Mursion Software for Windows?

Learners only need to download software if the session is using ML3, our desktop application. Any users who are connecting via Zoom, Meet, or Mursion Magic, will not need to download any software. 

After you Register Your Account  you'll need to install the Mursion Software. 

  1. Log into the Mursion Portal
  2. You may be prompted to download the software, but if you are not, click the download icon in the upper-right corner of your screen.
    Download Icon
  3. On the next screen, click Download
  4. You will see a pop up window like the one below letting you know where to find the downloaded file, 'MursionSetup.exe.
    Win DLd Install
  5. Click the Setup file to launch the software installer. You will see several installation screens as shown below.
  6. Read the Software License Agreement and select ‘I accept the terms of the License Agreement’.
    EULA win
  7. Click ‘Install’.
    Mursion install preview
  8. You will be presented with an installation progress bar.
  9. Once you have clicked through all the installation screens, you will get the message asking to restart your computer to finish the setup.
    Finished Windows Install
  10. Click ‘Finish’.
  11. After rebooting, the shortcut to launch the Mursion software will be on your desktop and look like this:
win Mursion Logo

You have now successfully installed Mursion!