How Do I Register My Account?



  1. Look for an email from to register your account.
  2. Click Create an Account
  3. You will be prompted to create a password
  4. Read the user agreement and click Accept
  5. Enter your account information,
    1. If available, you can also use the External Profiles option which allows you to use an external profile like Google to log in. Note, this is not available for all clients.

6. Click Save Changes


Downloading the Mursion Client

If you're using Zoom or Google Meet to connect to your simulation, you do not need to download anything else. You've successfully registered. 

If you're using the downloadable Mursion client for our simulations, we recommend downloading the software by using this icon in the portal:

Download Icon

Things to Remember

  • Once your account is registered, you should always log in at You can discard the registration email.