Mursion Magic - Test your Connection

Test your computer and connection before joining a Magic Simulation

Before joining a Magic Simulation, you can visit this site to test your Audio and Video connections. 

Video Overview

This video will also teach you how to use the Magic Test site. 

Test Your Connection

Before you test, make sure you're using a supported web browser
    • Google Chrome 
    • Microsoft Edge (v79 or later) 
    • Safari
  1. Go to
  2. You may see a pop-up like this in your browser, click Allow

  3. Make sure your camera is selected, and you can see yourself in the viewer
  4. Select your microphone and click Test make sure it's working
  5. Select your speakers and click Test to make sure they're working 
    1. If you don't see your microphone and/or speakers, click here to troubleshoot your audio
  6. Enter your information in the fields provided
  7. Click Start Connection Test and you'll be taken to a demo Mursion simulation. 

Note: The avatar will wave, but it won't interact with you beyond that. It's just there so you can check your connection and make sure the page loads. 

Testing Outcomes

You will see one of the following: 


You're ready to connect to a Mursion Magic Simulation. You can return to the portal to schedule a simulation. 

Connection Failure

Please look over this page and if you still have issues, contact our support team to schedule a manual tech check.

Failure - Check your Microphone and Camera


If the servers are busy, you'll get a busy message. Wait a few moments and try again.