Mursion application unable to launch

If you are unable to launch the Mursion application and are seeing the window below containing a red exclamation point, this may indicate that you have a conflicting application currently installed on your computer.

  • Please ensure that your computer meets our hardware requirements and is not configured to use a proxy server.
  • This error window most commonly is caused by conflicts between the Mursion software and 'Citrix' applications. If you have Citrix installed, please uninstall and try launching the Mursion application again.
  • Other applications that use virtual display drivers such as 'Duet Display' may also conflict with the Mursion Software.
  • If you have confirmed that the above applications are uninstalled from your system and are still experiencing crashes, please attempt a re-installation of the Mursion application, and reboot your system. 
  • Please contact Mursion Support for further troubleshooting assistance.