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Frequently Asked Questions about Single-Sign-On for Account Owners

This article covers some of the frequently asked questions about integrating Mursion with your single-sign-on system.

What is Single-Sign-On?

Single-Sign-On is an integration that allows you to integrate the Mursion portal with your existing user management system. This will enable learners to log in with their existing organization accounts (usually their organization email address) and limits the amount of user management required by account owners. 

How does it change my learners’ Mursion experience?

Learners will no longer have to remember a separate Mursion username and password. Instead, they will be able to log in using their existing organization account (usually their email address). Depending on your setup, they may be able to access Mursion through a link from within your organization’s system directly. They can also log in through portal.mursion.com where they will be directed to log in through your organization's system using their existing username and password.

How does Single-Sign-On change user management within Mursion? 

You will no longer need to create user accounts in advance. When learners log in for the first time (through a specialized link provided to you during your integration process), their account will automatically be created within Mursion and linked to their existing organization account automatically. Keep in mind - you always have the option of uploading users in advance if you’d prefer. When they log in, it will still link to their existing organization account automatically. 

Mursion offers automated team mapping with single sign-on. Depending on your SSO system, you may or may not be able to utilize this feature. If it makes sense for your organization, this feature allows your users to be assigned to teams automatically based on a certain designation within your user management system. This means you would not need to manage users within the Mursion system to set up users or assign them to teams. If team mapping is not available, you would still need to assign your users to teams. This can be done before or after they log in with Single-Sign-On for the first time, however, we would recommend completing this in advance. Team assignment allows the learners to access their scenarios. 

Do I need to provide my user's information in advance if single sign-on is enabled?

Mursion's single-sign-on solution can automatically create learner accounts when they first log-in - meaning you do not need to create their accounts in advance. Depending on your team-mapping configuration, you may prefer to create them in advance though. Mursion can talk through these options with you during the integration to ensure the solution aligns with your organization's goals and needs. 

Is Single Sign-On an option for my organization?

Mursion works with most single-sign-on systems. Work with your IT administrator at your organization to determine if your single-sign-on system aligns with Mursion’s requirements. When you are ready to set it up, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get started. 

What’s required for my organization to set up Single-Sign-On?

When you are ready to configure Single-Sign-On, work with your IT administrator to determine the process within your organization for integrating a new platform with your existing SSO system.  Contact your Mursion Customer Success Manager to start the process with Mursion. Mursion will share all configuration details and work with your IT team to complete the integration in a testing environment to verify it works. Then we will work with you to determine a good time to turn it on for your learners. You can find more details about the specific process and technical information here.