Facilitator - Scheduling a Session for a Learner

Learners need to be assigned to a team before they can access scenarios

Click here to learn how to assign your learners to teams, prior to assigning them to training scenarios. 

Once your learners are assigned to a Team, follow this process to Schedule a Session

  1. Log into the Mursion Portal
  2. Click the Projects tab at the top of the screen, all Scenarios live within Projects
  3. Select the appropriate Project
  4. At the bottom of the next screen, you will see a list of all available Scenarios. Select a Scenario, if there are many scenarios, use the search function in the left navigation bar
  5. The next screen will display information about the scenario, click Schedule 
    Click Schedule
  6. In the Scheduling Pop-Up, make the following selections
    1. Project - This will be pre-populated with your Project Selection
    2. Scenario - This will be pre-populated with your Scenario Selection
    3. Date - Select a Date to offer your Scenario
    4. Time - Select a Time to offer your scenario
    5. Simulation Content - Select the Simulation Content, there may only be one option. This is typically an environment the Scenario will take place in
    6. Learners - Select an entire Team or select an individual learner. Note that a learner has to be a member of a team to be selected. Learn more about adding learners to a team here.
    7. Notes - An optional field that allows you to make notes about this particular session

7. When all selections are complete, click Create to create your session