Account Owner - Scheduling a Report

Schedule recurring reports from your Dashboard

Account Owners and Facilitators can schedule recurring reports from the Reports tab. 

The goal is to reduce the amount of repetitive work needed to pull reports from the Mursion Portal. Set up the reports you need for a particular project or scenario and have the reports automatically delivered to your inbox on a regular cadence.


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  1. In the Mursion Portal, click Dashboard
  2. Choose a report from the left menu
  3. Set your filters 

    Note: These filters will vary depending on the report. If you are ever unsure of what the data set is measuring, you can hover over the field name in the report below:
  4. Click Schedule Report

  5. In the Schedule Report Screen
    1. Select Report Frequency - Frequency determines how often the report is automatically run, you can choose to have the report run Daily, Weekly or Monthly
    2. Select Sessions to Include - This allows you to pull data from the previous day/week/month or the upcoming day/week/month, if you want to see sessions that are coming up
    3. Select Report Start Date - This will set the first date the report will run. The report will then run based on your chosen frequency (daily, weekly, monthly)
    4. Select Account Owner or Facilitator - Select recipients from your list of Account Owners and Facilitators
    5. Manually Add Recipients - Add recipients who do not have Mursion Account Owner or Facilitator Access (i.e. anyone with an email address)
  6. Click Schedule Report


Editing or Deleting a Scheduled Report

Once you have a report scheduled, you can return to the Dashboard to find it again. The report now says Edit Schedule where the Schedule Report button was.

  1. Click Edit Schedule
  2. On this screen, you can edit your parameters if you would like to change the automated report (remember to save your changes)
  3. Or, you can click Delete Schedule to delete your scheduled report