Account Owner - Learner Pathways

Create sequential learning pathways for your learners for more structured learning.

Understanding Learner Pathways

Learner pathways are a scenario-level setting that your Mursion Client Sucess Manager can enable. Learner pathways simplify the learner scheduling experience by reducing the number of options presented during scheduling. The learner will always know what to schedule and when.  

Your Client Success Manager can set your scenarios sequentially to ensure learners are always shown the correct scenario on their dashboard page. The learner's scheduling process will be the same, but they will see courses in a particular order. 

As a failsafe, the AO/F roles can still manually schedule a scenario for a learner out of sequence if a learner has a reason they need to skip a course. 

For example

You may want to encourage your learners to schedule these simulations in a particular order so that a concept is slowly introduced, continues through practice, and on to mastery: 

  1. Sales Leadership - Introduction
  2. Sales Leadership - Core Concepts
  3. Sales Leadership - Advanced Learning

Note: There are no restrictions on when a learner schedules their courses. While the goal is to prompt the learner to follow the scheduling order, they will not be restricted by date. In the example above, a learner could still schedule Core Concepts on January 1st and Introduction on January 2nd. You'll need to work with your learners if you want them to stay on a particular path. 


As a part of this feature, your CSM can also set Completion Rates so that a learner can only take a scenario a set number of times. This allows you to set a pathway but prevent a learner from repeating a course multiple times. 

If the Completion Rate is set to 3. A learner can take a scenario 3 times; then the scenario will be removed from their Dashboard page.

    If you have any questions or would like to enable this feature. Please contact your CSM.