What's a Learner Report?

After some simulations, you'll have the opportunity to review your simulation and receive feedback on your performance. If enabled for your scenario, you'll also have access to your simulation recording.

If enabled for your organization, learners will receive a report that shares key details and session feedback. Learners will receive an email notifying when the report is available. The report can be accessed directly from the learner dashboard in the Completed Sessions section.

What's in the report?

  • Strategy Feedback: Review feedback about how well you applied the strategies to achieve the simulation objective
  • Learner Perspective: We'll use your pre- and post-session surveys to show you how your confidence changed after completing the scenario 

  • Session Recording*: Click Recording in the top navigation bar

  • Voice Analytics*: If enabled, you can review analytics highlighting the session's conversation dynamics (interruptions, silence, etc).

*if enabled for your project