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Sim Help - What to do if a learner declines recording consent

Occasionally, a learner will change their mind about being recorded. Here's what to do if that happens.

Recording Consent

For sessions in a project with recording enabled, the learner is automatically prompted to provide recording consent before entering the simulation. The Sim Specialist does not have to ask for recording consent as it was captured prior to the session. 

However, learners might change their mind mid-session. If that happens: 

  1. Politely inform the learner that they will need to exit and re-enter the simulation, so their consent is recorded correctly.
  2. Let them know that declining consent might prevent them from re-entering the simulation, depending on their organization's project settings. Mursion does not control whether or not this setting is enabled, it is a client preference. 
  3. If the learner is able to rejoin the simulation, continue the session as you normally would.