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Sim Help - Helping the Learner with Audio/Video Issues

The learner will sometimes experience a/v issues and you'll need to help them through it

Audio - When the Learner Can't Hear the Sim


When troubleshooting this issue, learners should check their system-level device settings to see if they are the same.

What to tell a learner when they encounter this issue in ML3 (quick version): 

For Windows OS: 

1. Hit the Windows Key - it's the 4 square logo on your keyboard. 

2. Type in "sound settings" and press enter.

3. Make sure sound input and output are identical.  

For Mac OS: 

1. On your keyboard, press Command and Space bar -  command is next to the Space Bar. 

2. A search bar will pop up, type in "sound", press enter. 

3. Select the same input and output device. 

Detailed Explanation: 

Here's a few examples: in this first configuration, the  Input is a webcam microphone, and the Output is computer microphone. This means that the Learner cannot hear you.

Bad Configuration:

Mixed I/O = Learner can't hear you! -___-

Good Configuration: 

Same I/O = Learner experiences ML3 as intended!

The limitations of this are that we cannot parse audio settings in ML3, however this is not a problem in Zoom or ML3z. 

Wear a headset rather than headphones. (for SimS, this is the Jabra or other approved device).

Doing so usually routes all audio through the headset's onboard microphone and speakers. 

For Mac Users

This is how to access the sound settings when in ML3

1. On your keyboard, press Command + Space
macbook keyboard command plus space bar

2. A screen will pop up, type in Sound

3. Now you can view the menu for input and output devices. Please make sure that your sound settings are both on the same Input AND Output channel. 

Zoom Issues


If you experience audio issues during a Zoom-based Mursion session:

For further assistance, which may require downloading an updated audio driver, visit Zoom's support site for troubleshooting audio here.


If you experience video issues during a Zoom-based Mursion session:

  • Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the Zoom Client: https://zoom.us./download
  • Test your Webcam and audio in a Test Zoom Callhttp://mursion.zoom.us/test
  • Make sure that all other programs that utilize the camera are not using the camera or are closed.
  • Restart your computer.

You may need to download an update to your computer's video/webcam drivers. 
See Zoom's Help Center for detailed instructions: Zoom Help Center: My Video/Camera Isn't Working

Meet Issues

Meet changes very frequently and we've found that the best troubleshooting content is found here. But here are some common solutions: 

Use automatic troubleshooting & help

Troubleshooting & help gives automatic suggestions to fix quality issues with your network or devices during a meeting when an issue is detected that may affect the call quality.  

If you have network or device issues that may affect the call quality, a red dot appears on the More options button. 

  1. When the dot appears, click More options  and then Troubleshooting & help.
  2. Tailored recommendations are shown based on your issue. 
  3. Try the suggestions. 
  4. The red dot shows for 5 minutes or until you click More options. 

Tip: The red dot only appears once a day, even if an issue persists.

Fix Echo warnings

If your audio has an echo, a red dot notification appears on the More options button:

  1. Click More  and then Troubleshooting & help.
  2. Under "Audio & video devices," you’ll find instructions to minimize the echo.

Meet automatically tries to fix this echo. To help avoid an echo, you can:

  • Use headphones
  • Lower your speaker volume
  • Mute yourself when not speaking