Scheduling an Office Hours Session

Office Hours Sessions are available to some of our clients.

Scheduling an Office Hours simulation is the same as scheduling any other Mursion simulation, with a few minor differences: 

  • You can schedule an office hours session up to five minutes before the start of an available session.
  • Office hour sessions happen more frequently, and the reservations are not bound to the duration of the session.
    • i.e. Sessions are available every ten minutes, but an individual session can last 30 minutes long
  • You can only schedule same-day and next-day sessions. 

There is no other difference between the scheduling experience. You can still follow the standard scheduling flow:

  1. Sign in to the Mursion Portal (or connect via your LMS)
  2. On your dashboard, click Schedule on one of the available sessions.
  3. Select a date and time
  4. Check the box confirming that you've read the Mursion Code of Conduct 
  5. Click Submit