Mursion Magic - Magic on the Ipad

Learners can schedule and join Mursion Magic sessions from an iPad

Mursion Magic is our in-browser Simulation environment (meaning it's not powered by Zoom or Google Meet). The iPad is a great way to experience Mursion for learners, not in an office or educational environment. 


Logging in and Scheduling

All the processes for connecting, scheduling, and taking a simulation are the same as any other platform. Still, they might look slightly different due to the nature of the iPad and mobile browsers. 

Log in Screen

From your browser, enter your email and password and click login.


You'll still use your dashboard to connect to or schedule any upcoming sessions. You can also view reports and videos from previously completed sessions at the bottom of the screen.


Scheduling can vary slightly between organizations, but the process is always the same. 

  1. Review the session details
  2. Select a date 
  3. Select a time
  4. Check the box to confirm you've reviewed the code of conduct
  5. Tap Submit

Joining a Session

The session you scheduled will appear in your dashboard, in the upcoming sessions section. When it's time to join your session, tap Join to start the scenario. 

Best Practices for Mursion on the Ipad

  • Hold your tablet in landscape (lengthwise) mode, this will allow you to see the menu options and the scene more clearly


  • Connection issues? Click the exit icon at the bottom of the menu, then rejoin the simulation. 
  • Can't dismiss the menu? Click the x in the upper right corner to close the menu
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