Learner Surveys

We sometimes ask for Learner feedback so we can improve the Mursion experience, responding is not mandatory

Will I Get a Survey?

You might! Surveys are a project-level setting. If your organization turns on simulations for one project, they may not for another. Don't be alarmed if you do or do not get a survey after your simulation. 

Below is a list of the surveys. You can click the preview link to take a sample survey (your responses will not be recorded, this is for informational purposes only). 

Survey Timing Preview Link
Pre-Simulation Survey Before your simulation, you'll see the survey in your browser window Link
Post-Simulation Survey After a simulation, you'll see this survey in your browser window.  Link
Cancelation Survey If you miss or cancel a simulation, we'll send you an email with a link to this survey. Link

Does the Sim fill out a survey?

Sometimes the Sim will provide feedback based on your organization's settings. It's a way for your organization to track the effectiveness of Mursion's simulations. The questions help us fine tune the goals of each scenario, and refine those scenarios if it seems like learners aren't connecting with the material. 

Each question's possible responses is just a basic Likert scale of Not at all (1) to Extremely (5). 

Survey Timing Preview Link
Post-Simulation Sim Survey After the simulation Link