What Network Requirements are needed for my Simulation?

A wired ethernet connection is recommended 

When a wired ethernet connection is not possible, we recommend learners do the following to ensure the best wireless connection possible:

  • Close all other programs and applications to reduce network traffic. 
  • Work in close proximity to your wireless router.
  • If your router has an external antenna, ensure it is in the upright position and is not blocked by furniture. Your router should ideally have a clear 'line of sight' to your device.
  • Keep your device plugged in to a power outlet ensure maximum wireless radio performance.
  • Software updates use a lot of bandwidth. Update your learning device completely before your session to avoid background activity.

Internet Bandwidth (Minimum Requirements):

  • Download Speed: 10 Mbps  (or 2 Mbps of dedicated bandwidth)
  • Upload Speed: 2 Mbps

Test your speeds at: www.speedtest.net

To receive detailed firewall requirements, please contact us at support@mursion.com.