Welcome to Portal 2.0!

We've updated the look and feel of the Mursion Portal

In the coming months, we’ll be redesigning the portal from top to bottom to improve the user experience. In this update, there's no change to the user interface. So everything you need is all in the same spot, everything just looks a little nicer. We've updated the colors and fonts and login screens. We’ll continue to provide updates as we make more changes. 

We'll also be updating all the images and flows on this support page as these updates roll out. 

What’s Changing in this Update

  • Colors and Fonts
  • Login and Password Reset Screens
  • Navigation Bar design refresh

Log in page and other welcome screens

We updated the welcome screen design to bring our Sims front and center.  Note that the sign-in process is unchanged and no changes have been made to your user name or password. 

Log in page

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar functionality is unchanged, but we've updated the color and font to be a little more appealing. 


Session Cards

Session cards have been made a little more user-friendly so you can make changes to your scenario directly from the session card. You'll now see Reschedule (for simulations that allow rescheduling) and Cancel options in the session cards. 

That's it!

We'll continue to provide updates about changes as we make them. For any questions, please contact support@mursion.com