Updating ML3 Software to 2.0

Our upcoming Mursion Software update is coming on August 19. This update allows future software updates to install in the background, meaning your software will remain up-to-date automatically from now on. 

Please note that this is a necessary update, so please take a moment to open and update your software in advance of your next scheduled session. Depending on your internet connection, this will take approximately 3 to 5 minutes. Please open the Mursion software at least 15 minutes prior to your next scheduled session to ensure ample time for the update. 

If your device prevents you from installing this update, please speak to your Mursion Administrator or your IT department. 

Installation Process

  1. Open Mursion or Mursion Social (this process will update both programs at once)

    Note: This software update will rename the ML3z desktop shortcut to Mursion Social.

  2. If you’re not already signed into the portal, you will be asked to log in.
  3. After you log in, you'll see a success message and Mursion or Mursion Social will launch
  4. In Mursion or Mursion Social, you'll see a prompt notifying you of a new version.
  5. Click Proceed to download the update: 
  6. Once you click to proceed, the file will begin downloading in the bottom left corner of your Chrome browser. The location varies on other browsers.

  7. When the file completes, click the file to continue
  8. This will open the install wizard, click Next, and follow the prompts.
  9. Click "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" and click Next
  10. You may be notified that a UAC prompt will appear:
  11. There may be a blinking shield in your taskbar, click it to continue and enter your password if prompted.
  12. When the installer completes, click Reboot now (if you are pressed for time, you can select manually reboot later) and click Finish

  13. You will be asked if you would like to continue as yourself, or if you would like to log into another user account. Click Continue as yourself, or click Switch User to log into a different account. 
  14. The software will begin downloading.
  15. When the download is complete, you will see this message and then be prompted to restart your computer: 


After the Update

Once the update has been installed, the Mursion icon will appear in your app tray. 

If for any reason you would like to exit the program, right-click the Mursion icon and click close, but note that future updates will not install in the background, and will install when you next open the Mursion software.