Account Owner - Session Step Time

Create scheduling windows that differ from simulation duration

Session Step Time is the rate at which learners can schedule a session. 

Sessions Step Time is not the same as Session Duration. 

  • Session Duration is how long a simulation lasts. 

  • Session Step Time is how frequently a group of learners can schedule. 

For example, if kept at the default (30 Minutes), learners will see scheduling blocks in half-hour intervals: 12pm, 12:30pm, 1pm, and so on. If changed to 15 minutes, learners will see scheduling blocks for their session displayed in 15-minute intervals. 

Setting the "Setting Session Length Step" is configurable at the project and client level 

  • To enable this feature, please contact your Client Support Manager

    If you are enabling this as a Self-Service Client   

    1. Log into the Portal as a Professional Services User.
    2. Go to the Project Page for the project you'd like to change the Session Time Step.
    3. Click Enable Session Time Step

    4. When you check the Enable Session Time Step box the Session time step field will appear.
    5. Set the interval (in number of minutes) you’d like to use for the project. If the time step is set to 15, learners can schedule a simulation every fifteen minutes. 

    Once you've made your selection, save your changes.