Making Changes to Dates/Times of Sessions - Ed Services

Client has requested a change to the time, date or other information in a session. (We cannot edit a session on a client's behalf)

If the session is more than 7 days away, the client has the ability to edit the session. If the time or date is edited, they should be aware that we cannot guarantee it will still be in a confirmed state so they will need to be sure they absolutely need to make that change. If they need to change the session type, environment or scenario they should cancel the session and rebook (only more than 7 days out). If in doubt, escalate these to L2 Customer Support.


To edit a session, the client should navigate to their scheduled sessions tab (Or requested sessions tab if it has NOT been confirmed/staffed yet) find their session and click the edit icon to the left of that session. They can adjust the times and dates there and hit submit. The system will either auto confirm or will let them know they will get another alert when it has been staffed.