Import Users - Non-SSO Clients

You can import users directly to a client's page.

  1. In the navigation bar, click Teams
  2. Locate the team that you'll be importing users to
  3. Click Learners > Import Users
  4. The pop-up explains the process of uploading users to our portal. Note that there are downloadable templates at the bottom of the screen. 
  5. In the Excel template:
    1. Column A should be the user's email address.
    2. Column B - Z and on should be any teams that you'll be assigning that particular user to. Please take care to spell the team name exactly as it appears in the portal.
  6. In the CSV template:
    1. Column A should list the user's email address then the first team the user is assigned to, separated by a semicolon. If the user is assigned to more than one team, each subsequent team should be entered in an individual column following Column A. 

  7. Once you've created your spreadsheet from the template and saved it to your device. Click Import Users List and upload the file.

6. It may take a few minutes to upload your users to the portal.