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Account Owner - Portal Overview

Understanding each of the tabs in the Account Owner's Portal

The navigation bar at the top of the portal is the primary way you'll navigate between sections of the portal. This article will give an overview of each, and link out to some deeper dives into portal functionality. 


The Account Owner Dashboard is where you can quickly review learner progress and project progress.  From here, you can create detailed reports and export them for your own reporting needs. Learn more about the Account Owner Dashboard here.


The Calendar allows you to view all past and upcoming sessions for your learners. Click on any instance to view the session card and learn more about an individual simulation. You can also use the Schedule button in the upper left to schedule a simulation for a learner. 


Projects are groups of individual simulation scenarios. For example, a DE&I project might contain a scenario on Diversity, a scenario on Equity, and a scenario on Inclusion. 


The Teams page lists all your active teams and is where you'll go to create new teams


The Sessions page is where you'll go to view specific session details. The default view is Scheduled simulations, but you can also toggle between Active, Past, and Cancelled simulations. You can learn more about the Sessions tab here.


You can use the Reports tab to review data about current and upcoming sessions. Learn more about the Reports tab here. 


The Users tab is where you'll manage individual users. You can also add users or import users. This page is also great for viewing which of your users have registered for Mursion. Most of the User Management processes will start on this page. 


Settings is where you'll manage more complicated processes like adding an LMS or an SSO to your account. For these processes, we recommend working closely with your Client Success Manager as well as the LMS or SSO Admin from your organization. 


Account Owner Icons

  • Question Mark - This takes you directly to our Mursion Support Page
  • Bell - This is the notifications list, where you'll be alerted to any upcoming simulations
  • Profile - This is where you can make changes to your personal profile