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Account Owner - Onboarding Support

If this is your first time using Mursion as an Account Owner, these guides can be helpful.

Accessing and Understanding the Mursion Portal

This page will provide an overview of some of the processes you'll need as a first time Account Owner. We also have a section of our knowledge base dedicated to Account Owners and it's a good idea to review that section once you're done with this page.

The Account Owner section is designed to provide guides to common Account Owner processes and answer common questions. 

User Management

As an Account Owner, one of your first tasks after registering will be to create teams and assign learners to those teams. These guides will walk you through those processes. 

  • Creating a Team - Before uploading or creating learners, you should first create a Team. A team is a group of learners who are taking the same simulations. 
  • Bulk uploading learners - In most cases, the best way to add learners is to import them in bulk. If you're connecting to Mursion via an SSO, you should follow this guide. If you are not, this guide is for you
    • If you have a smaller team, or just need to add one or two users, you can also add learners manually
    • If you have questions about adding an SSO or LMS integration, you can review our SSO section and our LMS section with your IT team or your SSO/LMS admin
  • Adding a team to a scenario - Once your learners are assigned to teams, you can assign them to a scenario. When your learners are assigned to a scenario, they'll be able to schedule Mursion simulations. 

How Your Learners will Interact with Mursion 

It's important to understand how your teams will interact with Mursion in case they come to you with questions, or if you're taking some Mursion simulations yourself. Our Support Page is written primarily with learners in mind, but these articles may be useful to you as your teams get started so you understand their experience:

  • Emails Your Learners Could Recieve - This outlines all the emails a learner will receive during the course of their Mursion Experience. You can also view the email flows here. Note that as an Account Owner, you can choose to disable any of these emails. Connect with your Client Success Manager for assistance. 
  • Scheduling a Simulation - This is the learner flow for scheduling a simulation. Learners will follow the same registration flow that you followed when creating your account, and then they will be able to schedule a simulation. 
  • Once your learners are taking Mursion simulations, you can keep track of their progress via the Account Owner Dashboard. The dashboard lets you view your learner's progress in multiple ways and export the data if you need to use it in your own reports. 

We hope this page helps you with your Mursion experience. We're always here to help. If you need anything, always feel free to contact: 

  • Your Client Success Manager 
  • Customer Support Team - for any technical support or time-sensitive questions around scheduling or ongoing simulations