Account Owner and Facilitators - Email Dashboard

Account Owners and Facilitators can monitor how learners are interacting with emails about their Mursion simulation.

The email dashboard makes it easy to analyze how your learners are engaging with different kinds of emails or to review behavior in response to a specific email. Click here to llearn more about this dashboard.


Email analytics provide you with an overview of how learners are engaging with email communications from Mursion. The email overview shows you how users are responding to all emails, emails over the last 30 days. Emails can fall into one of the following three categories:
  • Opened:  A learner has opened one or more of the emails sent to them.
  • Acted On: A learner has opened the email and clicked one or more links, like the Schedule or Join Simulation links.
  • Unread: A learner has not opened the email. If there are a large number of unread emails, confirm that your learners are receiving them. Check with your IT Team to confirm that is not blocked by your organization's spam filters.

Email Categories

Emails are grouped into these five categories. You can also see each included email in the category summary filters or hover over the help icon to view more detail about a category. 
Email Categories
Email Category Category Description Emails in this Category
Registration Emails to a user inviting them to create a Mursion account. Note: SSO users will not receive these emails. Invitation, Password Reset, Verification
Calls-To-Action Emails sent by the Account Owner from the project or scenario page. Learn more here. Invite to schedule, Summary
Scheduling Session-specific emails. Invite to schedule emails and other Join Session emails.  Cancellation, Session Reminders, Booking Confirmation, Code of Conduct, Time Slot Requests
Rescheduling Emails prompting a learner to Reschedule after a missed or canceled simulation Reminders to reschedule Missed or Cancelled sessions
Video Emails alerting a learner that a video of their session is available to view Videos available, videos shared, videos corrupted